Jordan Michael is a vocalist (classical, Broadway and big band jazz), theater actor and author. He has appeared with Charlie Berens (Manitowoc Minute) and Billy McLaughlin and has performed in numerous productions with Eight O’Clock Theater, Theatre Exceptional,  Ashland Productions and Lakeshore Players Theatre. Jordan recently published his first book, ‘Things I Know’ which is a series of encouraging and uplifting life reflections set to his own photography. 


While Jordan is vocally gifted, he is also intellectually disabled. Jordan was diagnosed at an early age with Autism/PDD. He has never let his disability keep him from pursuing his goals. While Jordan’s cognitive and communication challenges make negotiating society difficult, his positive outlook and thoughtful curiosity show depth and wisdom while his incredible voice will simply blow you away. It only takes a few notes for an audience to realize his gift and forget his disability. He has the charisma and richness of Michael Buble with the clarity and range of Josh Groban, Jordan covers a broad catalog of Broadway musicals, big band jazz and soaring ballads. 


If you have an opportunity to hear Jordan sing, don't miss it!